Aug 5, 2010


(Opéra National de Paris)

“In an overwhelming role tending towards flights of lyricism, his portrayal of the distraught poet has sincerity, an admirable French diction, and [he] glides into this music with almost as much ease as the Italian bel canto… We heard and watched this brave performance from beginning to end with pleasure.”

Jean Cabourg, Opéra Magazine, July-August, 2010

“Having enjoyed Giuseppe Filianoti’s portrayal of the title role in Hamburg two seasons ago, I can happily report that he was even better here. Not only does he have the endurance for this killer part, but he has the right temperament. His ringing top notes never seemed to tire, and his substantial middle voice seems to have become more supple and expressive in the intervening years. Passion, good looks, commitment, star quality… what more could you ask for than Filianoti’s commanding impersonation?”

James Sohre, Opera Today, June 18, 2010

“The main surprise comes from Giuseppe Filianoti, which was not expected in this role. His clear tone, the easy high notes, the precise pronunciation and endurance, paint a very convincing Hoffmann.”

Catherine Scholler,, May 23, 2010

“In the title role, the young Giuseppe Filianoti, whose voice transcends the difficulties of the music – what lyricism, what resistance, and what intelligence – and captures every facet with a mixture of neglect and sincerity.”

Francois LeSueur,, May 11, 2010

“Giuseppe Filianoti, as Hoffmann, touches upon the characters limits, especially in the dreaded Venice Act, which endangers the most valiant; but it is not unbecoming to a poet between alcohol and death, life and confounding. The composition is right and the Italian tenor knows how to sing French.”

Didier von Moere,, May 14, 2010

“Giuseppe Filianoti assumes the role of Hoffmann with brilliance.”

Manon Ardoin, Culture Mag, May 14, 2010

“The tenor Giuseppe Filianoti is simply fantastic, with a vibrant voice, energy and a fiery temperament.”

Helene Kuttner, French Premiere Magazine, May 2010